An AI powered platform catching up with fraudulent behaviour

With an increasing problem within financial fraud, a strong and powerful tool is needed to strictly control your customers. This is where Negate comes to the rescue


Why spent hours on investigation, when Negate can do it for you in seconds?

Thorough investigation

Some networks are complex and hard to untangle. Negate analysis complex data and simplifies the result in a minimalistic application

The Missing Link

Negate finds the missing link in data and connecting the dots between data - all within seconds

Closing tabs

You may find yourself having many tabs open when investigating a new customer. Negate's motto is: closing tabs

Always Up-to Date

We are updating our platform daily to keep you up if any changes happened to a customer overnight

The Right Datasets

We have a goal in MAP Group. There is no need to bring in every open data, if it does not bring value. We meticously pick the datasets needed to bring you the most value


Our backgrounds stems from the police & banking industry, and therefore, we know what standards you have to adhere to

Simple & Minimalistics

No need to complicate a platform. Our main goal with Negate is to provide a complex platform, simplifying your everyday work

Containing tons of carefully chosen data

nodes of data containing many things related to a company

relationships providing insights and explanations of how companies are structured

data points to correctly identity fraudulent behaviour


by verifying data sources and preserving data integrity


by discovering complex relationships in large amounts of data


by providing a 360° profiling of a customer


by limiting data stored

Negate AI Platform

A one-stop platform for your onboarding, KYC, EDD, ODD, and anything related to catching fraudulent behaviour

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few samples of often asked questions

Our project is being managed with an agile mindset. You may see new changes from day to day. We have a fully-automated deployment setup, meaning, it is very easy for us to roll out - or roll back - new features.
The scenarios are built internally by our experts. We are constantly monitoring new fraudulent patterns and implementing them as fast as humanly possible. We are also monitoring the performance of those scenarios to ensure they are not too broad and making everyone suspicious.

We have also a wide network of experts, which we use to discuss new fraudulent activities with, making the process more objective.
We are constantly monitoring our e-mail inbox where all requests are received. We strive to get back to you within 24 hours.
We have partnered up with the law firm Horten to ensure everything we do is within the EU-GDPR law and Money Laundering Act. We are often in contact with Horten to keep us up-to-date with new regulations.
What makes us different from others is our backgrounds. We origin from the investigation units of the police force and from the anti-money laundering departments within the banks. We have also partnered up with the strongest minds in computer science and software engineering. We know, what we build, is not easy and it is a complex world, and therefore, we need a strong team to provide the best fraud-fighting tools.