Empower your KYC process by our AI-powered platform, Negate

Preventing money laundering by providing intelligent software that recognizes behavioral patterns of fraud and uses these patterns to create a digital fingerprint of everyone in question

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by verifying data sources and preserving data integrity


by discovering complex relationships in large amounts of data


by providing a 360° profiling of a customer


by limiting data stored

Negate provides what is needed by your business

We are bringing those features to the table, allowing you to easily navigate through KYC.

Historical Analytics

Negate does not only analyze the current state of a company but its whole origin


All rules built into the system are meticously written by fraud experts

Big Data

We are carefully picking datasets we believe can bring value to the table. All this data is merged together to allow you to close those browser tabs of yours


See how things are connected and dive into how a companies, participants, addresses, emails and more are connected.

Adverse Media

Instead of you going Googling a customer, trying to find some articles, we find negative mentions of companies automatically

Customizable layout

See only the data you need. Create your own data views and switch between them. Get a glance of a company or dive into a deeper analysis.

Some features from Negate

... and how they can strengthen your business


Simple made for you

Negate makes it easy to establish a comprehensive profile of your client, a company, collaborator or trading partner. As a SaaS solution and preventive screening tool, Negate is a web application combining newly developed software, specialist experience and artificial intelligence to prevent and eventually predict patterns of criminal behaviour. 


Comprehensive Profiling

The user can search for a company in the system, which analyse and detects patterns in vast data sets by finding connections and relations between data points. These are cross-referenced with built-in Rules, i.e. based on real-life scenarios, to create a complete data-driven profiling of a company to track possible criminal activity. Furthermore, the system makes a visual overview of the search and provides an action plan with advice to further investigations and how one could handle a case. Negate is a time and resource-saving solution suitable for all B2B trade, onboarding of new clients and ongoing due diligence of companies. The system centralises knowledge and experiences and creates an automated process that incorporates complex and multiple investigations all in one application.